bareMinerals BAREPRO foundation review: Acne-prone skin

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know I’ve had rather troublesome skin for quite some time. I’ve had acne for years and am still fairly acne prone despite years of treatment. This has made finding a suitable foundation somewhat of a challenge. This is my bareMinerals BAREPRO liquid foundation review — the most compatible and reliable foundation I ever found for my sensitive, acne-prone, combination skin!

In the years before my Roaccutane treatment, I was constantly on the lookout for a foundation that wouldn’t aggravate my acne and was long-wearing, yet natural-looking. The bareMinerals BAREPRO liquid foundation was the best one I found by far! Summed up, it’s high coverage, easy to build, keeps oil at bay and lasts for hours — but has never aggravated my skin or made me break out.

bareMinerals barepro for acne review

I don’t think this foundation is suitable for all skin types, though. My skin is a little drier after my Roaccutane treatment and while I still love this foundation, I’d say it’s much better suited to oily skin with no dry or dehydrated patches. I’ll speak a little more in-depth about this in the review, so let’s delve into the ins and outs so you can get a better idea if it’d be a good fit for you.

bareMinerals BAREPRO liquid foundation review: Acne-prone skin

Before I jump into the review, here are some of the key facts and claims you need to know about the product, according to bareMinerals themselves:

  • Product: bareMinerals BAREPRO performance wear liquid foundation
  • Price: £31.00 (yep, this one is on the pricey side) but £30 on Amazon
  • Vegan/cruelty-free?: Yes!
  • Texture: Creamy liquid
  • Finish: Naturally matte with a soft-focus finish
  • Shade range: 30 shades
  • SPF: 20
  • Longevity: 24-hour breathable coverage — heat, humidity, water and sweat-resistant
  • Key claims: Good-for-skin ingredients that won’t clog pores — improve skin’s texture both immediately and over time

The coverage

The bareMinerals BAREPRO foundation claims to be a medium-full coverage foundation, which I’d definitely agree with. I usually don’t enjoy a full coverage foundation as I find them too heavy and cakey on my skin. This one is different though — it covers really well but is still lightweight.

This stuffed covered my acne when it was at its worst, without having to cake it on. It minimises redness with one sheer layer. I then tend to blend another layer over the areas where I need it and it blends seamlessly.

Before and after bareMinerals barepro foundation

If I’ve got a breakout, I’ll often use a concealer brush to apply foundation directly to any angry spots and I don’t need concealer on them afterwards. I haven’t found any other foundations that cover in the same way a concealer does, which is one of the reasons I love the bareMinerals BAREPRO so much. Granted, I’ve never tried super high coverage foundations (like Estee Lauder Double Wear, for example) so I’m sure there are more out there — but this is one has the huge benefit of being non-pore-blocking, too.

I still tend to need a dab of concealer under my eyes after applying this foundation, but that’s because I’ve got the darkest, inherited under-eye shadows ever — nothing covers them!


The texture

The bareMinerals BAREPRO foundation is described by the brand as ‘creamy’, but I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that. When you pour it out of the bottle, it’s actually quite thin, liquidy and watery (like Mac Face And Body, for instance).

When you put it on your brush or sponge, you have to move pretty quickly, as it absorbs almost instantly. This is no bad thing — the product still works — I just don’t think it’s exactly as they describe on their website. I actually think this is a positive — as it’s quite runny, a little goes a long way and it doesn’t look thick or cakey on the skin.

bareMinerals barepro foundation swatch on hand

It blends out fairly easily, but you have to work quicker than you would with other foundations. I’m not complaining, as I think this is what gives it such good lasting power. I’d almost describe it as a cream–powder formulation, as it
sets down completely after a minute or two on the skin. Working in sections on your face would probably be the best tactic here (why have I never thought of that until writing this review?!).

However, it feels super lightweight when it’s on, even if you layer it up, which is one of my favourite things about this foundation.

The finish

As I mentioned above, this foundation dries down to a powder-like finish. However, I think the finish looks completely different depending on your skin type — I’ve experienced this first hand, as being on Roaccutane changed my skin from being fairly oily all over, to combination (oily in my t-zone, with dry patches elsewhere).

When my skin was oilier, the finish was amazing. It dried down to a natural matte finish, but not so matte that my skin looked dry or lifeless. It would keep the oil at bay for a few hours, and when my oils did start to peek through, it’d still stay put.

Now that my skin is more prone to dryness, I have to be careful. If I don’t moisturise well before, it can cling to dry areas and end up looking patchy. However, when I need long-lasting, full coverage, it’s still my go-to — I’ve just got to use a good moisturiser and a hydrating primer underneath. I also make sure to follow up with a dewy setting spray.

bareMinerals barepro foundation bottle

Basically, I think this foundation is
perfect for oily, acne-prone or combination skin as it’ll stay put and provide complete coverage without blocking your pores. However, I think there are better bareMinerals options for dry or dehydrated skin types — you’d probably find this one a little too matte and quite difficult to work with.


The longevity

If I was rating the bareMinerals BAREPRO liquid foundation with a points system, I’d give it 10/10 for longevity. Once this has dried down and been lightly set with a translucent powder, it lasts from morning to night with no touch-ups required. It’s also very transfer-proof — if I touch my face or accidentally brush my skin with clothing, it doesn’t rub off at all.

I actually find it kinda crazy that it lasts so long and covers so well but is non-comedogenic and good for your skin (bareMinerals say that it contains ‘papaya enzymes gently improve skin’s texture both immediately and over time’). If you’re looking for a foundation that lasts all day without fading, this is an amazing option.

bareminerals barepro warm light swatch

By the way, you’ll need a really good makeup remover and face wash to remove this thoroughly at the end of the day!


The price

The bareMinerals BAREPRO foundation costs a hefty £31 per 30ml. I hear you, that’s pretty steep if you’re used to buying high-street foundations. But if you’re acne-prone and truly in need of a non-pore-blocking foundation that will last, I think it’s worth every penny.

This foundation is available from so many different shops, so I’d recommend looking around and seeing if you can pick up any offers or discount codes before buying. Here are some of the main shops to look at:

As it’s so pricey, I’d recommend heading into Debenhams, Boots or John Lewis to get properly shade-matched before buying, rather than taking a wild guess. They might also offer you a sample, so you can give it a good go before investing your money.

The packaging

The bareMinerals BAREPRO foundation is packaged in a heavy, luxurious-feeling glass bottle. The packaging definitely correlates with the price; you can see and feel a difference in comparison to high street brands.

BareMinerals BarePro glass bottle close up

The glass bottle is topped with a black pump and cap. The pump locks when you twist it around, making it leak-proof. The pump dispenses the product fairly slowly when you press it down, giving you lots of control.

I never know what to say about packaging, but yeah — it feels high end, for sure!


The ingredients

The bareMinerals BAREPRO liquid foundation ingredients are:


If ingredients don’t mean much to you, just know that this foundation is free of oil, parabens, sulfates and fragrance. It’s also non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t cause breakouts or clog pores — great for those who’re prone to breakouts.

bareMinerals BAREPRO foundation review for acne-prone skin: Worth the money?

In my opinion, this foundation is well worth the money for anyone who:

  • Is struggling with acne and wants a foundation that won’t aggravate their skin further
  • Has very oily skin and wants a medium-full coverage foundation that will last all day

I haven’t found many foundations that don’t leave my skin feeling clogged and irritated, keep any shine at bay, cover spots well and doesn’t look cakey on the skin — but the bareMinerals BAREPRO ticks all those boxes for me!

bareminerals barepro foundation for acne bottle

If you can afford the cost (I’m totally not denying that £31 is a lot of money for foundation) and fit in one of the categories above, it comes highly recommended from me. If you’re looking for something more affordable, I have a few recommendations for you — keep your eyes peeled for that blog very soon!

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