Benefit 24-Hour Brow Setter review: Worth the hype?

I thought it was high time I write a benefit 24-hour brow setter review. Wanna know why? Well, this product has brought my eyebrows back to life. Let me explain.

I was a teenager in the 00’s — which obviously means I over-plucked the hell out of my previously voluptuous brows. I remember seeing celebrities in my favourite magazines (who remembers Girl Talk?) with the thinnest-of-thin eyebrows and thinking they look so damn cool. When some of the girls in my year started doing it too, I decided to do the same.

I nicked my Mum’s tweezers from her room, headed over to the bathroom mirror and within ten minutes, my eyebrows were no more. I literally plucked with so much concentration to achieve the thinnest ever eyebrow line ever known to man.

I’ve regretted that moment (a very painful, tweezer-happy moment, may I add) in front of the mirror ever since. My eyebrows took years and years to start growing back properly, and they’re still fairly sparse in areas now. I’ve tried brow product after brow product, but none have ever done quite the job that the Benefit 24-hour Brow Setter has. With that said, let’s jump into the review!

Benefit 24-hour Brow Setter review

First, here are a few key details about my holy grail brow gel…

Benefit 24 Hour Brow Setter Review

    • Product: Benefit 24-hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel
    • Price: £23.50 for full size (7ml), £13 for the mini (3.5ml)
    • Key claims: Shapes & tames eyebrows, flexible, flake-free formula, strong hold, invisible-finish
    • Shade range: Only available in clear

The staying power

I’ve used tons of brow gels in my time, and while they often looked nice at first, they needed constant topping up. The thing I love most about the Benefit 24-hour Brow Setter is how long it lasts. I can’t say I’ve tried it for 24 hours as it claims, but I’m confident that it probably would last a full day if I did try.

I love the ‘fluffy’ brow look — lots of texture, with visible hairs rather than a ‘blocky’ finish. The benefit brow setter works perfectly for that sort of look. I brush my eyebrow hairs up with the gel a couple of times in the morning and they’re still completely upright by the end of the day.

I lightly fill in my brows with a shadow and apply this over the top. It seems to give the shadow extra lasting power, too — it fades if I don’t wear the brow setter over the top.

While I haven’t tried every single eyebrow gel available, I’d put my money on this being one of the most long-lasting out there!

Is the benefit 24-hour Brow Setter waterproof? I used this when I lived in Vietnam for a year and it made it through insane heat and humidity, as well as days by the pool. It does start to wear away if you scrub or touch it once wet, but if you just leave your brows be, it set and stays put pretty well with heat and water.

The effect

As I said, I got pluck-happy in my teenage years, but love a fluffy brow look now that I’m in my twenties. See my dilemma? Naturally, my brows aren’t exactly thick (though they’re slowly getting there) and I have some sparse areas, especially on my left brow.

Benefit 24 Hour Brow Setter before and after

What I love about the Benefit 24-hour Brow Setter is that it instantly seem to make my brows look fuller. It draws attention to every tiny little hair and suddenly makes everything look more defined. If you’re looking for a ‘hairy’ looking brow (sounds gross but I literally don’t know how else to describe it, aha) rather than an overly-drawn brow, you’ll love this.

The texture

Some long-lasting eyebrow gels can look flaky (I’ve used a few in my time) but this one doesn’t flake away at all. It does set them down to a pretty solid finish — if you put a couple of layers on, your brows literally feel hard. I don’t mind this though, as they don’t look hard. Plus, I guess this is how they stay put so well. Still, if you don’t like the idea of your eyebrows feeling really gelled-up, it might not be the product for you.

The colour

The Benefit 24-hour Brow Setter is only available in one clear shade. It’s completely transparent with no colour whatsoever, but the holding power alone gives great shape and definition. I’m surprised they haven’t brought out any coloured shades, as I think they’d be really successful!

Benefit 24 hour brow setter bottle close up

The price

The Benefit 24-hour Brow Setter costs £23.50 for the full size, but offers do occasionally pop up. I’ve seen it selling for £18.80 before on Amazon, LookFantastic and Boots, so it’s worth keeping an eye on some of the major retailers and stocking up when there’s a deal on. It’s typically cheaper on AllBeauty, too! I know this is quite pricey for an eyebrow gel — especially if you’re used to drugstore products, like me — but this is the best eyebrow gel I’ve ever found.

Full size vs mini

If you’re keen to try the product but don’t want to splash out, Benefit does offer mini versions of all their products. A Benefit Mini 24-hour Brow Setter costs £13 and still lasted me a good few months! Still, you do get much better value for money with the full-size product — so once you’ve tried it, go for the bigger size.

I once found the mini brow setters in TK MAX for a fiver each. I felt like I was in makeup heaven and bought six of them!

The packaging

The Benefit 24-hour Brow Setter comes in a chunky, vintage-style silver plastic tube. I wouldn’t say it’s particularly impressive, but I guess it’s prettier than your average brow gel tube. I do find that the tube gets mucky quite quickly though.

Benefit 24 Hour Brow Setter Packaging

The wand

I think the wand/brush of the brow setter is one of the best parts of the product! The wand is dual-sided, with a longer-bristled side to fully coat the brows and a shorter-bristled side to sculpt hairs into place. I use the short side to neatly tame the tail of my brow and it makes them look really tidy.

Benefit 24 Hour Brow Setter Wand

Benefit 24-hour brow setter vs gimme brow

Wondering which Benefit eyebrow gel to invest in? I’ve tried them both.  If you’re looking for something with colour, you’ll probably prefer the Gimme Brow. However, it doesn’t last anywhere near as long and I found that it transferred easily. For that reason, the brow setter gets my vote! I think both together would be a winning combo (the Gimme Brow for some colour, followed by the Brow Setter to set everything in place), but that’s a lot of money for eyebrows.

How to use Benefit 24-hour Brow Setter

  1. If you want to fill your brows in with a powder, pencil or pomade, do that first
  2. Thoroughly coat your brow hairs using the long-bristled side of the wand
  3. Use the short-bristled side of the wand to shape your brows
  4. Let your brows dry and you’re good to go for (apparently) 24 hours!


Benefit 24-hour Brow Setter review: Worth the hype?

If you’re looking for a brow gel with insane staying power, the Benefit 24-hour Brow Setter is well worth the money. I’ve never found anything that holds my brows in place so well and I can’t see myself changing brow gels anytime soon. However, it doesn’t have colour, so if you do need to darken up your hairs a bit, it might not be for you.

Benefit 24-hour Brow Setter Box

I’d recommend checking out Amazon, Boots, LookFantastic and AllBeauty to find the best price!

I hope this blog helped anyone who’s stuck on whether the Benefit 24-hour Brow Setter is worth its hefty price tag! If you do go ahead and buy it, let me know what you think.

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3 responses to “Benefit 24-Hour Brow Setter review: Worth the hype?”

  1. This article is a breath of fresh air. You’ve tackled a complex subject with simplicity and clarity. I appreciate the way you broke down the key concepts and made them accessible to a wide audience. Kudos!

  2. sarikha says:

    ive just bought this and i like your honest review. the photo of your brows look really similar to mine. i think i will really get along with this. most of my makeup is highend after learning with drugstore products. i use the got2b gel but its not great. so hopefully i enjoy this as much as you do! x

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