Turmeric supplements for acne: My experience & tips

Turmeric: it stains your clothes, it makes a very Instagrammable latte and – yes – it can be a lifesaver for anyone with acne.

I know this from experience. I had acne for over 10 years and, after tens of rounds of antibiotics, a stint on accutane and, more recently, a huge diet and lifestyle overhaul, I’ve finally managed to wave goodbye to it.

These days, in my all-new clear skin era, turmeric supplements are a key part of my acne-preventing routine.

Turmeric for acne supplement

Turmeric for acne: Everything you need to know

You’re probably here wondering if turmeric supplements could help your skin and whether they’re actually worth the money – because, let’s face it, supplements can be bloody expensive.

With that said, I’m here to do a deep dive into all things turmeric and acne. Hopefully, by the end of it, you’ll know if turmeric supplements are a hit or miss for your skin. Let’s go…

Are turmeric supplements beneficial for acne?

There aren’t currently any long-term studies exploring the use of turmeric for acne specifically, although early evidence does suggest it could be beneficial.

Plus, according to HealthLine, several preliminary studies confirm that the curcumin in turmeric may decrease inflammation. This is all thanks to curcumin, the plant chemical in turmeric, which has powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

And considering that research shows that acne is primarily an inflammatory disease, it’s no surprise that many people have seen an improvement in their acne after taking turmeric supplements.

And that’s not all. According to a 2013 study, turmeric has been shown to possess anti-bacterial properties including P-acnes, the bacteria responsible for spots. Winner.

So although further research is needed to confirm turmeric as a beneficial acne treatment, the evidence we do have so far is looking pretty damn positive.

How much turmeric should I take for acne?

As there have been no long-term trials for turmeric supplements for acne, there’s no conclusive answer to this.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) have concluded that 0–3 mg of turmeric per kilogram of body weight is a safe daily intake. Plus, studies that have investigated turmeric for other conditions typically use doses of 500–2,000 mg of turmeric per day.

Personally, I take two capsules per day from the brand Focus Supplements. This provides 1350mg of turmeric, which is well within the safe amount.

I’d recommend starting with a low dosage – for example, taking one capsule, rather than two, for a couple of weeks – to ensure you don’t experience any unwanted digestive effects. In time, you can work you way up to two, or even three, if you feel you need it.

Make sure to double-check the amount of turmeric per capsule, though, as it does vary between brands.

turmeric supplements for acne

What about topical turmeric for acne?

There’s currently no evidence to confirm that applying turmeric topically (onto your skin) is beneficial.

Personally? I’d skip topical turmeric. I’ve tried it myself and ended up seriously staining my skin. Think: bright yellow stains, for a good few days. That meant lots of scrubbing and super irritated skin, which only worsened my acne.

Instead, try turmeric supplements paired with evidence-backed topical skincare for acne such as tretinoin (I get mine from Skin&Me), azelaic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

My experience with turmeric supplements for acne

Okay, so now we’re done with the turmeric basics, here is my personal experience with turmeric, including my results and whether I think they’ve been worth the money.

Did turmeric supplements cure my acne?

Turmeric supplements alone didn’t cure my acne, but they are definetely a key part of my acne-busting routine.

After years of trying conventional treatments such as spironolactone, birth control pills, accutane and antibiotics, I recently decided to try the natural route of improving my acne. This included getting blood tests to pinpoint any deficiencies and hormonal imbalances.

You can read about my full experience here – but, put simply, the results of these tests led to me making a wide range of lifestyle choices and successfully clearing my skin. Turmeric was part of that, but not the entire solution.

However, I really do vouch for turmeric as part of an overall acne-preventing routine. I notice that my skin is significantly less inflamed when I regularly take turmeric, which makes sense, considering its scientifically proven anti-inflammatory properties.

This means that even when I do get spots, they don’t seem to become as huge, swollen and angry. And, when I’ve stopped taking turmeric for a prolonged period of time, I definitely notice and increase in the frequency of my breakouts.

The great thing with turmeric, though, is that it comes with other health benefits, too. As well as being anti-inflammatory (which will benefit numerous aspects of your health, not just your skin), early research suggests it has anti-cancer properties and can help to prevent heart disease to boot.

So personally, I consider taking (or at least trying) turmeric supplements a real win-win for anyone who struggles with acne.

Results from using turmeric supplements for acne
My skin after using turmeric, along with other supplements, to help my acne
Positives of hormonal acne
My skin back in the day

The turmeric supplement I use

You can buy turmeric supplements here, there and everywhere, but my trusted supplier is Focus Supplements.

Their turmeric supplements contain two synergistic herbs to improve absorption. This includes Ginger Root to enhance the digestive effects of turmeric, along with Black pepper Extract to improve the absorption of the supplement in the digestive tract.

They’re also Soil Association Certified, which makes me happy, as it confirms their quality and that they only use organic farming practices. In comparison, you never really know what you’re getting when you order supplements from random sellers on Amazon, so be careful.

However, if you do want to go the Amazon route, here are a couple of brands I’d recommend  based on their stated ingredients:

Generally speaking, I look for brands that use a Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) plant-based capsule and avoid the use of fillers, binders and anti-caking agents.

Focus Supplements Turmeric review

How much turmeric I take

I take two of the Focus Supplements Turmeric every single day. In total, this amounts to 3000mg (3mg) per day, which is the higher end of the World Health Organizations’s recommendation. However, I know I can tolerate this very well and experience no side-effects.

As mentioned earlier, I’d recommend starting at a lower dose (take 1 capsule per day, rather than 2, for example), just to give your body some time to get used to turmeric and ensure you won’t experience any undesirable side effects.

Other supplements I use for acne

Just in case you’re curious, here are the supplements I use alongside Focus Supplements Turmeric to keep my skin clear. And trust me, it’s the clearest it’s been in years without being on any prescription medication.

  • Vitamin D: I use 2x sprays daily of the BetterYou D1000 Daily Oil Spray and will continue doing so indefinitely, especially in the winter. 
  • Magnesium glycinate: Magnesium can have a positive impact on both stress and sleep, which is useful to me both due to the night sweats I was experiencing, and the cortisone issue. I use the Focus Supplements Magnesium. You can get cheaper forms of magnesium, but glycinate is much, much better absorbed.
  • DIM: I was already taking DIM for my acne, and continue to do so, as it benefits estrogen metabolism, which is clearly an issue for me. My DIM of choice is the Focus Supplements DIM.
  • Vegan omega 3: I was already taking this for general health, however, I’ve increased my dose to support inflammation and hormone production. I use OmVits.
  • Multivitamin: Again, I was already taking this to support my general health. I use OmVits, as they use the most bioavailable forms of each nutrient, but are fairly priced.

If you’re interested in learning more, read how I cleared my acne naturally or my complete guide on how you can clear YOUR acne naturally.

Turmeric for acne supplement review

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