Hey, I’m Alice… and these are my notes.

When I was suffering with acne, I decided to open up about my self-esteem struggles on the internet. Something about being honest, sharing my feelings and connecting with others who’d experience similar issues brought me a lot of joy. Plus, it seemed to help a few people along the way!

So, I decided it was about time to make a bigger, better and more varied blog, sharing my notes on navigating life, building confidence and, of course, dealing with acne.

I’m also a self-confessed skincare & beauty junkie, so expect a few reviews thrown in along the way.


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About Alice Lang

About Alice

Originally from North Wales but now based in the wonderful city of Chester, I work as a digital marketer by day and try my best to keep up with this blog in the evenings.

I consider myself a passionate person, whether that’s waving goodbye to unattainable beauty standards or challenging the status quo, and that’s exactly what this blog is all about.

So, have a lil scroll for my ideas on loving yourself exactly as you are (yep, even with acne), living the life you want to live and dealing with the insane pressures of social media.  I hope it acts as a subtle reminder that it’s totally fine to just be yourself.